Conscious Fridays

An alternative to the regular night on the town. 
Conscious Fridays are a chance to be together & to practice
with humour, love, & high vibes.

Leave your week behind for some presence & peace,
and to share space socially with sacredness and dynamism.

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Conscious Friday events are about creating safe spaces in which we can express and share together more expansively.
All of our sessions are drug & alcohol free.

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Kay King has been practicing yoga regularly for 16 years, having started her Ashtanga practice in her teenage years. Kay now teaches a variety of styles of yoga, from Vinyasa flow to Dynamic and Yin practices. Kay is interested in how we can all transform our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves by embedding daily movement and stillness practices into our lives.

Kay is a Co-Director of Calderdale Yoga Centre and teaches across the North of England. 

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'Rebellious by nature, pure at heart.’
The Times of India

John Siddique is a sacred teacher and writer who is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. His mission, is not to attract 'followers,' but to guide and inspire the individual to recognise and understand their true nature and beauty through self-realisation.

John’s heart centred work has featured on BBC Radio 3 and 4, and in The Guardian, and in many publications around the world. He resides in the United Kingdom and India.