John running a meditation & creativity session for secondary school pupils.

Happy Kids & Higher Grades

School can be a place of wonderful learning and socialisation, but it can also be a place of stress, isolation and confusion. Young people acquire knowledge, but are not taught to discover who they are in terms of consciousness, nor are they encouraged to have a self-loving and connective relationship with themselves as they make huge steps on the journey of life.

A simple grounding in how to be present and 'in being' reduces stress, allows the participant to be easier and open to themselves, and to others, and miraculously school grades improve dramatically. John has recently been working with traditional and nontraditional schools to bring the benefits of meditation practices to both students and to staff. His meditations don't force false ideas of concentration, but allow for a happier, more natural, fully engaged, nourishing experience of life.

If you would like to enquire about John visiting your school to work with pupils, or staff, or both please get in touch through the contact page.