A Free Meditation To Help You In Daily Life


Breath awareness is one of the fundamental meditation practices. Connecting with our natural breath brings us back into the greater intelligence of the body, and of life, and locates us in the centre of our lives so that we are grounded in reality. This practice helps reduce stress, brings clarity, deepens awareness, increases mindfulness, and promotes happiness and wholeness. Breath awareness was actually one of the main practices given by The Buddha to those wishing for a meditation. This meditation requires no equipment, and you can practice wherever you are. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be at home in our own lives. I hope this offering is of great benefit to you.


Below You will find two Audio meditation Programmes,
 Designed to genuinly enrich your life with the benefits of practice


The Heartful Path


Two beautiful meditations to help you deepen in heartful awareness, as well as supporting you at times when you are stuck or heartbroken, or needing to heal and care for yourself in a real and meaningful way. 

By using these meditations daily you will soon find yourself connecting with your original joyful life, while finding the place of spacious presence within you. You will be able to respond to once difficult situations with greater awareness, peace, and compassion for yourself, and for others, as you realise the natural goodness of your own life.

Meditation #1 - Softening Into Life

Meditation #2 - The Heart of Loving Awareness


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Authentic Living Meditations

ALM Front Cover 1400.jpg

These two meditations lovingly guide into a direct experience of the source of life inside you.

The infinite potential within you is your birthright. It is accessible to every person, no journey needs to be undertaken to get there. Your fullest life is here, right now in the present. 

These practices are designed to be of benefit to anyone who would like to begin a meditation practice, or for those who already are on their path but would like to go much deeper into life, love and truth. They were recorded during meditation so that you will have the experience of being with another in truth (Satsang) when you use it.

Meditation #1 - Your Authentic Self

Meditation #2 - You Are Everything


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Photo of John Siddique Teaching
by KUIC Photography & Yacai Yoga