Working one to one, while walking by your side is the most
profoundly effective way of helping you connect with your authentic life.

Explore and Live Your Life More Fully
Develop Self Care Practices
Improve Relationships
Work With Grief, Illness & Bereavement
Resolve Self Sabotage Issues
Overcome Addiction
Heal Emotional Wounds
Find More Meaning in Life
Address Hidden Causes of Pain
Reduce Stress
Support Your Physical Health & Healing
Therapist Supervision

'Working with John is not work! He comes from that rarest of places - an open heart. His ability to listen quietly is balanced by his warmth and sense of humour.  Conversation takes you to wherever you need to go, so gently. There is in John a veritable goldmine of compassion for others, and this genuine connection provides the best environment for real healing and awakening to progress.  As a guide and mentor he is a joy to walk beside.' Cathryn - Lincoln



Sometimes we need a clear sighted, friendly, other human being who will simply be a space for us, and who can reflect and guide us as we explore our desire to live more fully, healing and moving past any current or longstanding difficulties coming from stress, anxiety, and unconscious patterns which stopus from living fully. In our counselling practice, the work we do together is based on the context of your life as a whole. Helping you reconnect you with your actual life centre, while being there for you, as you uncover any unconscious patterns playing out which block the joy and freedom of your life.

In these sessions, we will explore your desire to live more fully, to move past any current or longstanding difficuties, and to heal any unconscious patterning. We will explore what is revealing itself to you, and together we will develop holistic, self-caring, personalised tools, so that you can experience the wholeness and innate truth of your life as you move towards healing and realising your highest potential.

These sessions may contain elements of both counselling and/or mentoring, depending on how you would like to work.

Sessions can be held in person or on Skype, Whatsapp, or by phone.


personal meditation guidance

So many people try to begin a practice for all the wonderful benefits meditation brings, but get lost in circumstance, or don't have proper guidance in how to grow from where they are, and the practice goes by the wayside. Drawing on four decades of meditation, and research into what really works to bring us to wholeness, to heal stress, and open up our lives to creativity and sacredness, I pleased to be able to offer one to one support with this vital tool for human development and growth. Meditation is not hard, but it certainly is not one size fits all, each of us have very different lives and circumstances, and by gently working together, you can align more and more with the truth of your own life and grow into your best self in every way.  



You are life itself, and the field of life is the essence in which all takes place. Reiki uses the simple laying on of hands as a way directing and channeling life energy to support your health and wellbeing, it also has been found to be very beneficial as a complement to conventional, holistic, and ayurvedic healing. 

Sessions take place in safe comfortable surroundings, and take around an hour.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothes for the session.



Focusing is a holistic way of regaining life energy that has become trapped or blocked by stresses in your emotional life. Rooted in the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practice of Shenpa, Focusing helps you to integrate difficult feelings and unconscious patterns that may be playing out in your life, through a process of befriending yourself, to allow you to live with greater peace, happiness and wholeness. Our bodies synthesise so much information that our conscious minds cannot access, but by directly paying attention to how our bodies feel we can harness this information in a helpful and healing way.

Focusing sessions are typically 50 minutes long. During a session you will be guided you to invite your awareness into your body in order to access & learn from your deeper intelligence how to work with a specific problem or or move on with a life project.
Sessions take place in our space, but can also be conducted over Skype or Whatsapp


Get in touch to enquire about the availability and pricing of each of these offerings by using the contact page of this site.