The Heartful Path Day Retreats


These retreats are aimed at helping you begin to heal the pain-body, and to support yourself to lovingly move beyond conditioned reactive mind into the freedom and joy of your own life, while spending meaningful time in the company of like minded souls.

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June 23rd 2018
The Secret Of Happiness

  • What is the source of happiness?
  • Accessing true happiness in yourself
  • Overcoming limiting fears
  • Connecting to your own heart
  • The joy of being yourself.

10am - 4.30pm Friends Meeting House Manchester

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Sept 29th 2018
Freedom From The Critical and Judgemental Mind

  • Recognising your true identity
  • Moving beyond the critical and judgmental mind which holds us back
  • Overcoming the tendency of separation
  • Deepening into joyful awareness
  • Seeing reality and living from it

10am - 4.30pm Friends Meeting House Manchester

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Nov 24th 2018
Seeing From The Heart

  • Developing a heart awareness practice
  • The three hearts of a human being
  • Taking care of your heart
  • Healing from the centre outwards
  • Awareness & Love are your everyday states

10am - 4.30pm Friends Meeting House Manchester


day retreat Notes:

Each day retreat contains periods of meditation, guidance around the subject matter at hand, transformative journaling sessions, and time for questions and discussion.

£65 per day.

Booking is by electronic transfer, please email us and we will send you details on how to book, and our cancellation policy. Full payment is required to secure a place.

What To Bring
Please bring a meditation cushion if you need one, a journal, a notepad and pen, and a packed lunch for yourself. 

Please dress warmly and comfortably. 

Photos of John Siddique Teaching
by KUIC Photography & Yacai Yoga

Other Retreats

Mantra & Meditation


A day of healing, uplifting, transformative practice where we will look at the power of mantra and meditation when used together. We will look at the roots and stories behind the mantras, we will practice using that mantras and look at their benefits and effects, and we will share space together in wakefulness, awareness, and meditation. 

This day retreat is open to anyone with a sincere desire to go deeper in to the joy and beauty available to them in their own lives. Date and venue to be announced.