If you or someone close to you is going through a difficult time, illness, or bereavement, and you would like for us to hold their name in our hearts during our practice please get in touch

Send us the name of the person, and a little information on what is taking place and John will hold space in his practice for you or that person.

At our meditation classes and on our retreats the names are kept on the shrine in a beautiful small special box, and those who are gathered together in awareness remember and dedicate their practice in service to their own lives, those we are holding, and to all beings. Names will be held as long as they are needed to be held.

While visiting this page you are invited to be in presence in whatever way works best for you, and to share your light for a moment in this simple act of love and connection.

Bless You

If I can be of further support to you during this time please see the Spiritual Counselling page for how we may hold space in a deeper way together.