for inspiration & hope - she let go


For Inspiration and Joy - Continuum
Music From ‘Self-Acceptance Through Authenticity’


for inspiration & hope - Desiderata

John reads the classic spiritual poem 'Desiderata,' which has been an inspiration and a guide to people from all walks of life, and from all faiths for almost 100 years.

Listen before your mediation or yoga practice, or at bedtime, or whenever you need some inspiration.

You can also find this reading for free on the Insight Timer Meditation App

Please feel free to share this video to inspire others, but please note that this recording is copyright John Siddique 2019. All rights reserved. Please do not take or use the audio without explicit written permission and agreement.


practice - Awareness meditation To Clean Heart & Mind

This practice is a gentle guidance into the spacious awareness of your life.

Gathering in our own awareness, meeting whatever life is presenting us with awareness, is one of the most important keys to transforming our lives and being present, authentic, responsive, and loving. 

This practice was recorded live in a class, as are most of the meditations we share here, so please enjoy the presence and support of others as you meet yourself in all your wonderful dimensions and beauty.


for inspiration & hope - the great way

The Great Way (Excerpt from The Hsin-Hsing Ming of the Third Zen Ancestor)

John reads an excerpt from the very beautiful and truly insightful Hsin-Hsing Ming 'Verses on The Faith Mind.' Written in the sixth century by Seng-ts'an - the 3rd Zen Ancestor, the text is the first clear statement of Zen to be written. This wonderful translation is by the late Richard B. Clarke, music is by Katsuya Yokoyama


Practice - Awareness of Your Natural Breath meditation

Breath awareness is one of the fundamental meditation practices. Connecting with our natural breath brings us back into the greater intelligence of the body, and of life, and locates us in the centre of our lives so that we are grounded in reality. This practice helps reduce stress, brings clarity, deepens awareness, increases mindfulness, and promotes happiness and wholeness. Breath awareness was actually one of the main practices given by The Buddha to those wishing for a meditation. This meditation requires no equipment, and you can practice wherever you are. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to be at home in our own lives. I hope this offering is of great benefit to you.


Practice - A Meditation For Yourself & All Beings

A loving guided meditation to bring you home to your highest self through the gateway of the body. We then expand into connection and openness with all beings. This practice was recorded during meditation class in Hebden Bridge, so there are the usual little background noises you get in a class.


Inspiration - A Short Talk On Everyday Sacredness

John discusses how working with the everyday stuff of our lives is the real path of sacredness. This session was recorded at meditation class in Hebden Bridge. I hope you enjoy the feel of joining in with the class in Satsang. I hope this offering is of great benefit to you.


Practice - Meditation To Show You Your Place In All Things

A loving guided meditation to bring you into presence with your own unique sense of beingness, the practice then expands into connection and openness with the whole world and all beings. This practice was recorded at meditation class in Hebden Bridge.


Practice - How To Love Yourself Meditation

Often another human voice can be so helpful to us when we are in a difficult mental or emotional place, so I created this simple guided practice to be of service to anyone who needs it. 

Please begin by sitting or lying down comfortably. The meditation lasts for 20 minutes, and is punctuated by bells every 5 minutes to help keep you present. The final section is silent, ending with a bell.