The Power of Now: One 'You Are Not Your Mind'


The Power of Now: One 'You Are Not Your Mind'


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In ‘Session One’ John and the discussion group look at the introduction and chapter 1 of Eckhart Tolle’s hugely popular guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Written twenty years ago, it took Eckhart from being an almost unknown teacher running little groups and workshops to being one of the most influential spiritual teachers in the world, when Oprah Winfrey featured the book on her television shows.

Belong to no religion or tradition these teachings on how enlightenment is the human being’s true nature, cut through so much of the dialectic of the day.

In this session the group discuss Eckhart’s awakening, and how addiction to thinking is the greatest obstacle to our spiritual treasure. We also look at how real love does not hurt us, but egoic ‘love’ does, and the group bring a lot of really interesting material from their own lives.

This teaching was recorded live and includes a twenty minute meditation.

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