Journal Entry 18th July - Be Here In Presence


Cafe cactus on a table, black coffee in a blue mug, Zen flute music playing in my headphones. Looking out on a street I’ve seen, walked down, been on, many thousands of times. But within the overfamiliar, and the endless conversations that I can never understand the need for - even here is the light of the sacred. The great peace without. The great peace within. No artifice or ‘spirituality,’ no belief system, only... What do we call it? God, or LIFE, or beingness, or presence.

It’s not sunny but my eyes are actually dazzled by the light I can see. We move in this, eddies and currents of life expressing ourselves. Some aligned with the integrity and authenticity of this. Others looking for it, even though it is this here, and yet others denying all possibility of what is already true.

How life would be lived with this, and bringing all our intelligence through our hearts this way...

The stop sign, the shop window, car roofs, our truth and our delusions - loved and held by love regardless of ourselves and our beliefs.

John Siddique 
18th July 2019

NEW ALBUM - Heartbeat of The Earth

00 Heartbeat of The Earth Cover.jpg

For the last couple of months I’ve been quietly working away on these pieces which are directly inspired by being in presence & meditation.

Heartbeat of The Earth
(An album of sacred electronic music inspired by deep meditation).

Track list:
#1. Lovesong For Earth (19.08)
#2. Into The Heart Centre (10.45)
#3. Infinity - Who Am I? (10.32)


I hope you love it.
It’s an album to fall into.

Photo by John taken in Goa, India

Listen to Some Samples of The Tracks:

4th July: God is The Flag of My Disposition.

4th July (and every day)

I dedicate my practice and my actions so that we may awaken to the consciousness and truth within each of us, so that this world may be a place of humanity and love. 

Tribalism and it’s attendant horrors are the product unconsciousness, conditioning and false belief. It may pass for the norm, be elevated to seemingly great value, but is a separation from the light of truth of the one life. At best it has no value whatsoever, at worst it blinds or justifies our actions of fear playing out as hatred. 

Today and everyday I invite you to feel the love within you and allow yourself to bring it, in the smallest real way, to the world for yourself & our greater family. Love is not wishy washy. Love can be fierce, think of a mother or father protecting their children from harm. Do not fear your fierce love, it is a better tool than despair or blind anger.  

I love you


Man of Nature


I love the world so much but sometimes there such a need to be away from the energy of other people, to be more a man of the trees, water, crows in flight, to rest my soul in the soul of the natural... currently coming to the end of a phase of work and then it is time to retreat for a short time.

I love you. 

Suggested Daily Practice/Meditation Routine


Dear One

I find myself being asked for suggestions for practice that people can follow, so I’ve shared some links below for readings and practices of mine that you can use to get some really solid ground into realisation of the true nature of your being. These practices though are not hard work, they are just meant to be kind company as you discover the wonder of your true self.

Morning Practice
Contemplative Reading:
Excerpt of ‘The Great Way’

Follow This With This Meditation:
Thriving In Your Life
This will help you set your compass to be your very best through your day.

Then please just live your ordinary day, but allow moments of presence whenever your can, stopped in traffic, just before answering the phone, when talking with another person.

Lunchtime Contemplative Check In
The Prayer of St. Francis

Evening Practice
Contemplative Reading:
She Let Go
Follow With This Meditation
Your Inner Wholeness

To Help You Sleep
Fall Asleep In Presence
or, A Bedtime Reading:
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

New Meditation: Finding Inner Peace & Contentment⁣


⁣Dear One⁣
I’m really pleased to share with you a new meditation as part of the Daily Insight Series on InsightTimer Meditation App. ⁣

About The Meditation:⁣
⁣Today’s practice guides your awareness to the effortless, innate silence that is within you and within all things. Following along, you’ll come to realise this as the deepest part of your own beautiful nature. This practice is designed to help you shift into a greater sense of ease, presence and inner spaciousness - all of which already resides within you.⁣

⁣I hope it brings you into the sphere of the great peace within yourself, and touches you with the loving heart of what is. Please follow me over on the app so that you can be kept in the loop with new releases and practices - I’m planning a lovely programme of stuff for you over the next couple of years…⁣ ⁣