A Breath


Returning to UK and find myself wondering if anything has happened to advance humanity and awareness in the month I’ve been away... not long I know, but all it takes to change is one conscious breath... has the country? has the world taken a conscious breath in the last month? Thing is even if they haven’t... and I’m sure they haven’t. We can, you can, I can. Then the world has changed. But we have to stop, I feel, being so private about our practice, we need to breathe in our work, our politics, our education, our money, our walking down the street.

With love from the airport (utter boredom, deepest feeling, blandness and expensive coffee)


Being & Leaving


Leaving India for this visit today, back as soon as I can. In the meantime between visits I hope this jewel and this world is blessed with a little more consciousness and a little less clinging to identity so that the soul of life can better shine through and so we can live as we always knew we could... in the light of awareness.

Blessings to all


Holy Cow!!!


I visited an amazing organic milk farm in India yesterday to make a video on how they are going against the status quo mantra of ‘more’. Raw, organic, hand milked milk!!! Milk is a big food deal in India. So much love all around the farm... especially the cows... I made a couple of real cow friends here.

The video will be on the YouTube late next week.. Please subscribe to our channel to stay up to date.

Meet Your Own Heart To Save The World


Teaching meditation in India for first time. Guiding a group of 12 new yoga teachers in the utterly transformative practice of meeting all the dimensions of their own hearts, especially the sacred heart or hridaya. The sense of love, awareness, and presence in that beautiful temple room on the hill above the Ganges was astounding. Sometimes I can’t believe how blessed I am for this to be my life and work. Blessings to each of these new teachers going out into the world sharing love and awareness. 

The World Needs Your True Awareness

Some time in presence together next to the Ganges At Rishikesh.

Sharing about:

How the world needs our real awareness and love in order to survive and how nothing else will do.

The experience of my first ‘Ganga Dip.’

Reflecting on last year’s retreats, courses and classes and info on some upcoming retreats, classes, online materials, and projects for this new year.

...and the usual blend of John stuff.

Links mentioned in this video

Self-Acceptance Through Authenticity Course


The Awakened Heart Talk


Much love


I forgot to mention in the video the possibility of an India retreat/pilgrimage for this sort of time at end of 2019 beginning of 2020 researching venues at the moment. If you’d be interested in Joining me on such a trip do let me know so I can build a list. Looking at another space tomorrow when I’m invited to teach heart based meditation to a group of new yoga teachers... more later

Much love 🙏🏽

Peer Muchalla Mosque (New Year’s Eve)

A quick stop to meditate at this tiny mosque which contains a reliquary of a Muslim saint, it also serves as a place of prayer for the local Sikh community, and contains a Shiva shrine... God is one, but politics and priestcraft condition division into us for its own gains of false power etc. When we feel the inner life within us we don’t even need to think or believe in things, we simply know in our being that life is one and God is Love.



Beautiful human

Thank you to all for walking alongside me this year on our retreats, classes, the online course & meditations.

I’m amazed and honoured to be able to be of service through this work, and for this sharing to be such an important part of  my own path and thriving. We really do all walk along side each other. 

Bless you for your awareness, presence, and basic goodness not just last year or this year, but now.

Your friend who is messy, imperfect, and often wrong 🙏🏽