Flowers and Men

I’m so happy to share with you the poem that started it all for me, both the writing and the path to the way I do this sacred work I do now. It’s the beautiful and inspiring poem 'Flowers and Men' by D.H. Lawrence which asks us to dare to begin living from the beauty that is already naturally within us, to be strong enough, and vulnerable enough to live from our souls.

'This poem is so very close to my heart, it was shared with me during the very early days of my path when I'd just begun teaching meditation in my twenties and quite honestly I was clueless and afraid of life in every way possible. It struck me then as the most profound calling, that even if no one else would live this way, that I would have to find for myself how to live from my own soul outwardly in the world. This poem has been my friend, comforter and challenger since those days, and I still return to it very often - even today. Bless you, for taking the time to listen to this humble offering.