Sharing My Vision


A couple of days ago, without meaning to, I found myself beginning to share my vision via a post on Instagram. I wrote:

‘I have what many would say as an impossible vision, that the world be a kind, inspirational, and supportive place of love and practice, and yet if that is within my own being in a real and authentic way then my vision has meaning and possibility. Not by trying to change others but by living my practice and realization regardless of anything that seems other. Because all the other stuff... that’s just conditioning, ignorance and fear.. and we’ve all been that. Only love and turning up, and the medicine of truth ever helped heal anything.’

I have long shied away from really sharing as deeply as I would like as the world is dominated by the false cult of individualism, unconscious cultural trends and weaponised fear in its manifold forms, even in what the sphere of what we now call ‘spirituality.’

I realise now that this is the reason why sharing is so necessary, why it is so important to begin speaking this vision now. I don’t know the words and I don’t know how to get it right, but it’s started coming out in practical ways such as my last three meditations shared on the Insight Timer app 'The Who Am I?/I Am,’ the most recent Daily Insight, and the Mental & Emotional Support practice. These are all what you might call advanced practices because they do not really focus on modalities based on symptom relief. They are much simpler and are aimed at allowing the practitioner to move into congruence with their true being in relationship to the sacred.

Where possible now I want to share much closer to my own sense of life and realisation, so that I may be of deeper service to us. It feels like the last 42 years of practice and teachings have been a preamble to this.

We need to turn up now in full strength or we are not going to make it as a species and we’ll take all our animal and plant people with us in the madness. I hope this speaks to a few people, and that you reading this are one of them. That you are inspired and supported in your life and awakening and contribution by these sharings from soul. I hope you will support this vision in return, that you find in it a spark of life to pair your vision & energy with. But even if there is no one else I will simply continue, for there is only this.

Please excuse my stops and starts as I attempt to articulate things. I’m not aiming to be intellectual in the sense of things making sense just at the level of the head. Only being and wisdom count for anything, there’s no attempt being made here to be right, only to take a real step in the direction of home instead of endlessly debating and talking about it.