Mum's first birthday after she has returned to the all that is.

Mum Would Have Been 85 Today

Today I'm going to cook a meal that she tried to make for me when I was six, we were so poor and in a mess of life as pain, burden and conditioning. So my inner child and I will go for an adventure to buy ingredients, and we will make this meal for her. We will sit at the table tonight with love, honouring both her and I, and our inner children. Love, care, presence, true heartfelt abundance and gratitude are the key ingredients of our dinner.

My heart is sore as I lie in bed writing this. It is dark outside still. I look at the last photograph I made of her, just before her death - when we went out for a coffee in Halifax. She lived by earning every line on her face. By the end of her life she was much more able to love - her innocence always won through; innocence was the true reality of her.

I can feel that mum is close to me in the love that pervades all. This love is tangible and not created by thinking or feeling, but known truly by openness.

Whoever you are reading this, I send you love. 
Not for any reason other than we are.


My first book The Prize, came out 10 years ago this month. In Celebration I've reuploaded this reading of Cheap Moisturiser. This video was part of a series of films and a CD that was released to raise funds for Oxfam. They raised over £50,000 for good causes...
A little video of photos of my mum, she always bought her clothes too big from thrift stores, but I hope you can see spirit and presence in her eyes. That spiritual fire, is my true inheritance. The parent is the bow launching the arrows of her children into their lives.