Listening To Life

This is life for so many. It was for me for so long, I thought that was it. But something has always said there is more, 'this is not who you really are.' I think everyone can hear it, but so few believe they can do anything about it, as we've bought and sold the idea of battling through instead of learning what it really means to find love inside ourselves. Believe me or don't but it is possible to realise that we keep those swords there as they give us things to identify through. 

When we let go of the fascination for them and choose life and love instead they fade away. For me it was meditation, juicing, yoga and genuinely entering into relationship with my inner child which created space for presence.. And now each day unfolds as an adventure. 

Your path is your path. Your life is your life. But if could wish one thing in this world, it's that you have the vulnerability with yourself to listen to the voice of life reminding you of who you really are. I can't of course, it's up to each one of us, but it doesn't stop my prayer.