Being Kind In A Difficult World

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Dear reader
This week's excerpt from the book of sacred reflection that I'm working on, is drawn from a much larger section on the need to be an active presence in our world, that the body and the world are not things to be thrown away, we want the real, not the illusion/delusion, and each one of has the great opportunity of awakening in this lifetime and being of true benefit to the world through our awakening. in this section we look at using our political and economic power.
I love you
John Siddique

Being Kind In A Difficult World

It is vitally important to state over and over again that any boycott, divestment, or sanctions come from a place of presence. ‘But you are hurting my right to earn billions by selling weapons of mass destruction around the world,’ says the arms dealer, ‘you are hurting me, where is your love now, you hippy?’ Or, ‘you are hurting me buy not buying my organic teabags anymore,’ says the man who painted himself as a peaceful ‘one world,’ idealist in the yoga magazines and in the media, and then sells his business to a global multinational whose other products promote white supremacy, and continued inequality. Love does not mean appeasing the ego or pain body of another, yet we can meet them in peace, in presence, we can simply say no. Watch then how the ‘fear of death,’ will be used as a tool against you to try to manipulate you.

We are all part of the human body, the body of being of sacred creation, and as we awaken, it is easy to think we want no more to do with politics, with economy, to push them away or insulate ourselves in monkish cave like behaviour. This is spiritual ego of course and does not serve us. To not vote is to vote for the worst. To not use our incomes to support inclusive, helpful projects and businesses is folly, just like buying into matching meditation cushions and perfect social network yoga pictures is folly. It’s actually at the edges, and in the midst of this very confusing and confoundingly painful/beautiful life, that we find the heart of our practice in the moment, and it is in presence that we may choose the vote that does least harm, that has a smidgin of consciousness in it. We can bring our consciousness and presence to demonstrate if we need to, being a space for life and presence that holds everyone, even though presence shows up the egoic position of object consciousness and its impacts, we can still often meet the true being with spacious awareness.  We could even turn up to a demonstration with an Om sign, rather than a position. Presence will always stand against anything that is not human or compassionate. We are not waiting for karma ‘to do its thing man,’ we are going beyond karma by turning up in presence. The fear of death will always be used against you on emotional, mental, and actual physical levels, we don’t get ourselves killed, but we do not conform, there is always a way to be kind in the real sense.

‘Take nothing personally,’ the first of the four agreements says, this is most important, as the fear of death aimed at us will seek the most personal trigger it can find. 

When we are caught in greed, hatred and delusion, we are as adolescents in a hormone storm. We would still love our child in this phase of their life, we would do our best to protect them from harming themselves and others, and we would, as parents, not be afraid of making strong choices sometimes. Where we are at now is a phase of life in the bigger picture of the move towards awakening in the universe. If you are reading this, and it touches the part of you that is genuinely awake, then you know all this already. It is time to be bold with presence, to take part in the life of your town, or country, our world, and be a space of active presence in the here and now. You can tell truth by its spaciousness, and by the quality of open, alive, radiant, stillness, rather than a closed strong emotional tone, though of course there can be strong emotion fired up by presence, we must learn to recognise that difference, and not rationalise our pain body.