An Ecology of Life

Winter Solstice back in India. I sit amongst the water tanks on the roof of our apartment block overlooking a massive construction project of a whole new strip of city. The same question I have been asking of everything recently is part of the air. 

I’ve been meditating up here for the last few mornings listening to the silence between the sounds of machines, hammers, drills, and builder’s voices. The sound of silence that is between and behind, is the same as the chime that comes after the bell in the meditation hall. All who meditate sit in the one place, the one time, are family before any idea of time and space as seperators. Can we bring our sacred heart to bear into building our physical world? What would that look like?

On the political level it looks to me that economy and any sense of ecology of a world for beings to live and to thrive in, outside of the wheel of work, consume, and sleep as little as possible, are not seen as having any relation to each other. I remember a while back, the incumbent political party in the United Kingdom coming up with a money figure for how much all the woodland in the country was worth. What about you India, land of the old gods? What is in your heart? Does your path have a heart that unites the one life with the individual expression of it? The Shiva and the Shakti as the yogi would say. 

The building work is a feat of wonder, Indian construction workers are quite something to see. Jethro Tull’s ‘Songs From The Wood’ album is playing on my headphones, perfect Solstice music for an old rocker such as myself. Two eagles find a thermic lift, and a small singing bird sits near me on a TV satellite dish. We need to shift our minds to our spacious hearts, to use and create our resources: personal, national, and global, in a way that aligns the separate with the one, but I don’t think we even know that is why we are here, to move from conditioned to conscious, from ideas to life. Not that ideas are bad, but unless they have a real heart anything we do is simply an ideal and will have outcomes that will only us further away from a true ecology of life.