A List

Call it what you will, but the only thing that will bring true and lasting happiness in our lives is spiritual growth, whatever that means for each of us. Any little step that helps move us towards loving self care this way brings happiness. 

Here's a list of things that I have found to truly be helpful. 

Meditate daily and to learn about myself by being in being and bringing any unconscious patterns that are playing out into awareness with love. 

Living in the knowledge that every moment, every breath is sacred.

Relaxing and taking the best care of myself I can, that especially includes sleeping well.

Exercising my body to keep it fit, strong and healthy as best I can.

Eating more wholesome healthy food, especially raw living foods and enzymes.

Communicating kindly, from presence,

Meet everyone from the place of the one life, and with interest, curiosity and a friendly smile.

Reading (books not internet).

Going deeply into the things I love the most and sharing them with others.

Meeting the natural world with genuine wonder and awe.

Not always commenting and judging in my head, but allowing everything to be as it is, so that I am reflected back to the grace that is this life.

Expressing gratitude daily for the abundance of all the things I have in my life.

Accepting that even difficult, painful things are here to teach us. This is when we grow the most.

Connect with others as often as possible, especially other genuinely spiritual friends.

In these days of so much that wants us to live shallowly and divisively we move deeper into life brothers and sisters, beyond the stormy surfaces that keep us alone and apart.