Tell Us If You'd Like Some Retreats

We are reflecting on the possibility of setting up a week long retreat in beautiful Arambol, this coming winter, looking at living from ‘Soul Identity.’ - Sun, Sea, Authenticity, Presence, Beingness, Meditation, Journaling, Yoga, Pure Food & Juices… and coconuts galore… It doesn't have to be this winter, we're just looking ahead, as we get asked about retreats quite often. At the moment it’s all just thoughts, but would love to gauge your responses to this idea. We’re looking to building more opportunities for people to spend beautiful, sacred, authentic time sharing presence as our work is developing.

We are also looking at running some weekend retreats too. This is a very new area for us, and we need to develop connections and interest in order to offer these chances to come together in sacredness, but also it feels like it is a very needed and necessary next step. Please comment below and let us know your thoughts, desires, needs etc for this type of thing.