How To Hug A Tree

Into the woods at 6am. It’s been raining for two days, when they said there would be a heatwave. This makes me smile, because for all we think we know - we know nothing, especially about weather. Though bless us for keeping on believing in things like politicians, weather, religions, newspapers. 

We’re in tree hugging mode this morning, because - why not? At least no one will die because of some crazy man hugging a tree. It removes separation in some tiny way on this earth of ours, and actually, as everything is just life expressing itself, it is a wonderful way for life to meet life, for being to be in being with another form expression.

Some Light hearted instructions on how to hug a tree:

1. As you walk in your town or forest, allow yourself to be aware of the feeling of life in your body.

2. Allow yourself to notice the spaces in things while keeping in touch with the feeling of life in you.

3. Allow yourself to look at trees, at their totality and the space in them.

4. You might find yourself drawn towards a particular tree.

5. Approach your tree, but don’t create a feeling in you, just stay in the sense of life,
or if you can’t feel the life in you, notice your breath moving your body.

6. Wait a moment or two, and when it feels right, then embrace your tree.

7. Just stay with the feeling of life in you, and allow that openness to feel the tree’s life too.

8. Keep hugging in this way until you feel the love between you as an equal space of being.

9. When you are ready, thank the tree and yourself for sharing life together and continue with your day.

10. (                                                          )