The Culture of Partition - A Bibliography

The Hindu The Muslim The Sikh - By Ash

I was asked by BBC Radio 3 to write an essay for broadcast on the cultural representation of The Partition of 1947. Originally the essay contained a list of suggested works for anyone interested to know more about the realities and aftermath of The Partition. Sadly this list didn't make it through the final edit, as it was cut so that we could fit the time slot. These works were an essential part of my research materials for writing of the piece, and they are also my own discoveries and inspirations from years of painstaking work as part of my personal journey of political, spiritual and societal understanding as a write and human being.

You can find the essay on BBC Radio 3's iPlayer here, and below are some of the the works I drew on and would recommend as a good basis for anyone wanting to know more about the setting, period, background, and aftermath of this great wounding event in our recent history.

A Reading and Viewing List:

Manto - Mottled Dawn

Kushwant Singh - Train To Pakistan

Train To Pakistan - Movie

Earth - A Film by Deepa Mehta

Madhusree Mukerjee- Churchill's Secret War

Bapsi Sidhwa - Ice Candy Man

Yasmin Khan - The Great Partition

Henri Cartier Bresson - In India (Photographs)

Margaret Bourke White - Moments In History (Photographs)

John Siddique - The Prize

John Siddique - Full Blood

John Siddique - Six Snapshots of Partition (Granta)

A Thin Wall - Documentary Film by Mara Ahmed