Why We Are Not Upgrading Our Privacy Policy

This strange thing called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has now come into play. Our mailing list has existed about 20 years, first covering my literary activities, and then growing and changing as Authentic Living came to encapsulate all the dimensions of our work and in that time we have never shared your information with anyone else, nor have we sold your details for marketing etc, unlike FaceBook & Google and the like who profit from every word and image we share through them. I can't say I understand GDPR, our newsletter goes out to people all around the world, while GDPR only seems to affect people in Europe - there are many more people on this list from USA, India and the rest of the world than from UK and Europe. I am trying to figure out if GDPR means anything at all in real terms to how we do things - as I said we have never, and will never share your details, and I am honoured that you would be even be interested in our work. 

Data protection is essential, and this could certainly be implemented in a more supportive way for everyone. As those of you who have been around for a while will know I feel that politics does not serve our humanity, awareness, and well-being at all in the form it now takes, but that we have to engage responsively rather than allowing ourselves to be disempowered, spinning in endless reactivity; it is the system we currently have in place. We have to bring our awareness, consciousness, and true heart to things so that we might move in the ways that it can do the least harm. 

You know that you are always free to unsubscribe from our emails, our work and our expression certainly does not appeal to everyone - that has never been our goal. If you ever want to know more about how we store your data please just write and ask. I only want for this work to be of the highest service to you, and to do that we have to be visible a little bit, and by being authentic and of service I hope we all thrive. 

With Love
25 May 2018
Hebden Bridge