The Secret of Happiness - Report

Our recent day retreat, 'The Secret of Happiness' was astounding, we looked at the pain-body and how it affects us personally, nationally and globally... and we really did look at the secret of happiness in our lives and how to be happy. It was a day of deep heart healing practice, laughter, seriousness and most importantly community-based in association with spiritual truth (Satsang or Sangha in Sanskrit), not beliefs or ideas but sacredness and reality.

Coming together in community like this is essential. I am very keen to create more spaces and places like this for all who want to live more this way... so more retreats will follow. Next is 29th Sept. And as things grow I hope we can spend longer together to absorb better and enjoy the shared beingness of life with each other.

It’s been suggested by a few sources that we could have a Facebook group based around our work and teachings. so that there can be a feeling of community online for people around the world who are inspired by our practices and guidance... What do you think/feel? What should we call it if we have one? What could we use it for besides being a point of Sangha and Inpsiration? Would you like occasional live-streamed meditations & teachings? Who would moderate? Do you how to run such a group? Can you help

Thank you thank you πŸ™πŸ½