Global Meditation Times

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It would be wonderful if, as a sacred community we could sit in meditation together once a week. I am still looking at the best times, but for now, let's try this.

Sundays - Two Meditation Slots, join us for one or both…

7 am UK Time
Works well for UK, Europe, India, NZ & Australia

9.30 pm UK Time
Works Well For UK, USA, Canada, & South America

I will be present with you as often as I can and hope that I can be live on camera in our Facebook Community/Sangha at least once a month.

The benefits of sitting together in presence cannot be underestimated, rather than sharing our drama and our stories, we share our beingness and underlying scaredness with each other, I know of no better support, and little else so beautiful in our world. I'd also like to encourage you where possible to meet together occasionally in person to practice or to discuss the teachings we share. If anyone would like to set up an Authentic Living Group local to them, I could create a little directory on the website as to when meetings etc take place.

Any thoughts or feedback on the above are heartfully welcome.

In Love & Service