The World Needs Your True Awareness

Some time in presence together next to the Ganges At Rishikesh.

Sharing about:

How the world needs our real awareness and love in order to survive and how nothing else will do.

The experience of my first ‘Ganga Dip.’

Reflecting on last year’s retreats, courses and classes and info on some upcoming retreats, classes, online materials, and projects for this new year.

...and the usual blend of John stuff.

Links mentioned in this video

Self-Acceptance Through Authenticity Course

The Awakened Heart Talk

Much love


I forgot to mention in the video the possibility of an India retreat/pilgrimage for this sort of time at end of 2019 beginning of 2020 researching venues at the moment. If you’d be interested in Joining me on such a trip do let me know so I can build a list. Looking at another space tomorrow when I’m invited to teach heart based meditation to a group of new yoga teachers... more later

Much love 🙏🏽