Marianne Williamson’s Message of Consciousness & Transformation in Politics

Probably Marianne Williamson’s most powerful talk yet of her amazing phase of wanting to bring true consciousness to the political world and to democracy. It’s such an important message. I hope she is grounded in presence in herself... but we don’t need saints here, we need awareness and some backbone combined... great to hear this conversation evolving somewhere, and it’s not about party politics or ideology anymore.

I’ve spent a long hour this morning journaling how we might look at things here in UK... the situation is different, a much longer and more entrenched sense of aristocratic rule, and the people ‘knowing our place’ or thinking we’re surviving by creating bubbles, esp in spiritual life.  That and we are still ‘subjects’ not a democracy. But the roots are the same. I’ve long reflected on this stuff but the inertia and unconscious fear is so great in our society, and we’ve come to believe in social media rather than community. 

There are no magic bullets and instant fixes, but there is the now and awareness and strong love, and there is you and there is me. Is there?

More thoughts to come.