Terrorism in New Zealand

Terrorist attacks are always treated as one off events without really looking at the malignant roots which make such horrors inevitable, it always comes down to fear based delusion. 

We are not really this unconscious. We know deep down, we know, but we don’t change as there is so much profit to be made from madness and perpetuating fear. Only real awareness and the willingness and conviction to heal and be vulnerable enough to face what has been hidden will lead into real change and return us to love. 

Passing laws and bills only act as topical treatments for deep systemic malignancy. We each have the ultimate personal responsibility to bring what is unconsciously biasing us and causing false projections into the light to heal them. This takes the greatest courage. Nothing else will help. Nothing.

Bless you for holding presence. Bless those taken and their families and communities, and those without sight - lost in the desert of fear and illusion that they and we may become aware of our own fear and so begin to have the courage to know the truth of the nature of life within all things.