Shiva Smiling At Kali


As he’s renounced the illusions and false things we’ve made life into, he knows Kali cannot harm him in any way. She only kills the false life, if that’s who we believe we are then we ‘die’ too. Authenticity, integrity, and love... let those be our heart’s watchwords my friends. Just sharing a bit of that from ourselves, no acts or identities, other than our soul’s identity shining through our lives. What an impact you can have in the world if you choose to allow this version of your life. This is why I’ve been digging on Kali so much recently after this teaching was transmitted to my heart by reading Sri Ramakrishna. 

Yet having some Indian in my background doesn’t give me or anyone this automatically. National, cultural, and religious belief systems and identifications are just as false as every other delusion, but your heart within your heart knows the truth, your soul knows. This takes more than courage, it takes vulnerability. 

Those who believe themselves strong in identities never have the courage to be vulnerable. Hahaha, it would be funny if it weren’t killing us and our planet. So get on with your vulnerable sweet self you gorgeous being. This is real rock ‘n’ roll.