New Meditation: Finding Inner Peace & Contentment⁣


⁣Dear One⁣
I’m really pleased to share with you a new meditation as part of the Daily Insight Series on InsightTimer Meditation App. ⁣

About The Meditation:⁣
⁣Today’s practice guides your awareness to the effortless, innate silence that is within you and within all things. Following along, you’ll come to realise this as the deepest part of your own beautiful nature. This practice is designed to help you shift into a greater sense of ease, presence and inner spaciousness - all of which already resides within you.⁣

⁣I hope it brings you into the sphere of the great peace within yourself, and touches you with the loving heart of what is. Please follow me over on the app so that you can be kept in the loop with new releases and practices - I’m planning a lovely programme of stuff for you over the next couple of years…⁣ ⁣