Suggested Daily Practice/Meditation Routine


Dear One

I find myself being asked for suggestions for practice that people can follow, so I’ve shared some links below for readings and practices of mine that you can use to get some really solid ground into realisation of the true nature of your being. These practices though are not hard work, they are just meant to be kind company as you discover the wonder of your true self.

Morning Practice
Contemplative Reading:
Excerpt of ‘The Great Way’

Follow This With This Meditation:
Thriving In Your Life
This will help you set your compass to be your very best through your day.

Then please just live your ordinary day, but allow moments of presence whenever your can, stopped in traffic, just before answering the phone, when talking with another person.

Lunchtime Contemplative Check In
The Prayer of St. Francis

Evening Practice
Contemplative Reading:
She Let Go
Follow With This Meditation
Your Inner Wholeness

To Help You Sleep
Fall Asleep In Presence
or, A Bedtime Reading:
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman