Journal Entry 18th July - Be Here In Presence


Cafe cactus on a table, black coffee in a blue mug, Zen flute music playing in my headphones. Looking out on a street I’ve seen, walked down, been on, many thousands of times. But within the overfamiliar, and the endless conversations that I can never understand the need for - even here is the light of the sacred. The great peace without. The great peace within. No artifice or ‘spirituality,’ no belief system, only... What do we call it? God, or LIFE, or beingness, or presence.

It’s not sunny but my eyes are actually dazzled by the light I can see. We move in this, eddies and currents of life expressing ourselves. Some aligned with the integrity and authenticity of this. Others looking for it, even though it is this here, and yet others denying all possibility of what is already true.

How life would be lived with this, and bringing all our intelligence through our hearts this way...

The stop sign, the shop window, car roofs, our truth and our delusions - loved and held by love regardless of ourselves and our beliefs.

John Siddique 
18th July 2019