4th July: God is The Flag of My Disposition.

4th July (and every day)

I dedicate my practice and my actions so that we may awaken to the consciousness and truth within each of us, so that this world may be a place of humanity and love. 

Tribalism and it’s attendant horrors are the product unconsciousness, conditioning and false belief. It may pass for the norm, be elevated to seemingly great value, but is a separation from the light of truth of the one life. At best it has no value whatsoever, at worst it blinds or justifies our actions of fear playing out as hatred. 

Today and everyday I invite you to feel the love within you and allow yourself to bring it, in the smallest real way, to the world for yourself & our greater family. Love is not wishy washy. Love can be fierce, think of a mother or father protecting their children from harm. Do not fear your fierce love, it is a better tool than despair or blind anger.  

I love you