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The Spiritual Problem Behind Extreme Thoughts & Actions

Dear friends

I made a videoblog looking at the spiritual implications and factors behind recent extreme events. I reflect on the murder of British MP Jo Cox by a terrorist, and how our media create the atmosphere for radicalisation, for their own profit and gain.

What can we really do about this? What is the practical spiritual answer? 
For it is a uniquely spiritual problem, and the answer can only be spiritual.

When we kill for our beliefs, our beliefs are wrong. Instead of grandiosely defending these things which we feel so strongly about, come home to consciousness, not clinging more tightly to the conditioned mind, the strong feelings which are triggered by these thoughts. Only true consciousness and love are unconditional, that's who we are under all this terror and noise.


Meditation Myths/Meditation Truths

Meditation Myths:
Meditation is hard
Meditation is an escape from real life
You have to give up lots of things
You have to be able to concentrate really hard
You have to control your mind
You have to sit cross-legged, make a blank face and say Ommmm

Meditation Truths:
Meditation is about being your true natural self.
It is accessible to everyone no matter your circumstances, background or past.
It is about returning to the sense of presence which you already know.
Your mind can carry on with its stuff, you exist before the mind.
You'll find that the things you let go of are the things that get in the way of enjoying your life deeply.


Meditation For Children In Schools


Early this week I was invited into a primary school to teach meditation, poetry and to talk about true spirituality. We all sat in presence together, teachers, kids and myself. We wrote poems and we laughed and laughed.

I was thinking that the literary life would have to be left down as I tread my natural path. But I see that my poor old conditioned mind was mistaken, they are the same thing and always have been.

Imagine a school with such courage... The kids and staff were Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, and CE... And yet they want to explore our naturalness beyond belief systems, without denying anyone the right to religion or culture.

I am so full of gratitude


ps This is an older pic that has clearance from the school and all parents and parties concerned.. There are many limitations taking photos in schools, anything I put up will always have full clearance.