Suggested Daily Practice/Meditation Routine


Dear One

I find myself being asked for suggestions for practice that people can follow, so I’ve shared some links below for readings and practices of mine that you can use to get some really solid ground into realisation of the true nature of your being. These practices though are not hard work, they are just meant to be kind company as you discover the wonder of your true self.

Morning Practice
Contemplative Reading:
Excerpt of ‘The Great Way’

Follow This With This Meditation:
Thriving In Your Life
This will help you set your compass to be your very best through your day.

Then please just live your ordinary day, but allow moments of presence whenever your can, stopped in traffic, just before answering the phone, when talking with another person.

Lunchtime Contemplative Check In
The Prayer of St. Francis

Evening Practice
Contemplative Reading:
She Let Go
Follow With This Meditation
Your Inner Wholeness

To Help You Sleep
Fall Asleep In Presence
or, A Bedtime Reading:
Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

NEW COURSE - Self Acceptance Through Authenticity

I’ve designed a brand new 10-part audio-course to help anyone wanting to live a life of deeper acceptance, real meaning, and authenticity which is now available on the Insight Timer App.

It’s such an honour to share these teachings and meditations drawn from my own 40 years of hard earned sincere practice, as well as guidance I share with my own students & clients. I’ve can honestly say I’ve put my heart and soul into this over the last six-months. 

These are some of the most effective practices I’ve ever shared and I hope they are if the greatest benefit to all who need them.

Very happy and excited here, it feels like book publication day back when I was more in the literary world, full of possibility... but actually this means even more... it’s not about just ‘me’ anymore and being a writer, it’s about being an instrument of presence and awareness of the sacred and sharing something real and helpful in the truest way with love and kindness. 

Blessings to us all

Some Review Comments:

‘If I could give 100 stars I would.
This course will slowly and lovingly change your life.’
Melissa - California 

‘I will carry your teachings with me in the basket of things that really matter to me.’
Larry - Oregon

‘This course is a great sandblasting of the awareness and a siren to be true to who you are.
What a gift!’
Erin - Pennsylvania 

‘The guided meditations are excellent and and very effective. I can feel a transmission of deep presence and heart centeredness in them and John seems to know exactly what to say, and when to say it, to draw you in to a deep meditative state. There is food for life in this course’ 
Richard - Sweden

‘What a beautiful course. Thank you from my lovely heart to yours.
Your voice, your guidance, your thoughtful responses are all amazing.’
Kate - Denver

‘This course is filled with so many heartfelt ideas that I want to gently introduce into my daily life.’
Linda - Illinois 

Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation

John guides one of the fundamental meditation practices, the 'mindfulness of breathing.' 

Suitable for beginners or the most experienced practitioner, this practice is largely silent with only the lightest amount of guidance so that you may discover your own awareness for yourself.

Recorded live during the first session of our course on Thich Naht Hahn's 'The Miracle of Mindfulness.' You can access the course discussion and content here.

The Connected Heart - Free Meditation


'To feel the intimacy of brothers is a marvellous thing in life. To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life. But to feel the affection that comes from those whom we do not know, from those unknown to us, who are watching over our sleep and solitude, over our dangers and our weaknesses — that is something still greater and more beautiful because it widens out the boundaries of our being, and unites all living things.' - Pablo Neruda


Free Meditation For Peace, Truth, &  Connection guided by sacred teacher and writer John Siddique

EVERYONE WELCOME - 13th July, 6-7pm. Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

This event will also be live-streamed on the Authentic Living Facebook page for those around the world who wish to join us.

The 13th of July looks set to be a day of strong emotions, political debate, reaction, ideals, ideas, as well as apathy, denial, opinion, sensationalism and just more of the same old stuff that separates us from each other. Like every other day, it is also a chance and a choice to be a day of awareness, compassion, love, and change for the better. Genuine change can only come about when we meet what is with real presence and awareness. 

Reactivity, while it might feel powerful and entitled, leads us away from the ability to see and respond from consciousness and heart, and so if we desire lasting peace and progress we must learn to be in the here and the now with clear sight and wholeness - then we become powerful in the truest sense.

We are giving and sharing this guided meditation event for all who wish to sit in the spirit of truth, peace and openness. All people are welcome. When we gather together in the spirit of truth like this (the old word for it is sangha) we are at our most whole, supported and alive, and we genuinely help by bringing healing, wholeness, transformation and compassion to ourselves and the world.