NEW COURSE - Self Acceptance Through Authenticity

I’ve designed a brand new 10-part audio-course to help anyone wanting to live a life of deeper acceptance, real meaning, and authenticity which is now available on the Insight Timer App.

It’s such an honour to share these teachings and meditations drawn from my own 40 years of hard earned sincere practice, as well as guidance I share with my own students & clients. I’ve can honestly say I’ve put my heart and soul into this over the last six-months. 

These are some of the most effective practices I’ve ever shared and I hope they are if the greatest benefit to all who need them.

Very happy and excited here, it feels like book publication day back when I was more in the literary world, full of possibility... but actually this means even more... it’s not about just ‘me’ anymore and being a writer, it’s about being an instrument of presence and awareness of the sacred and sharing something real and helpful in the truest way with love and kindness. 

Blessings to us all

Some Review Comments:

‘If I could give 100 stars I would.
This course will slowly and lovingly change your life.’
Melissa - California 

‘I will carry your teachings with me in the basket of things that really matter to me.’
Larry - Oregon

‘This course is a great sandblasting of the awareness and a siren to be true to who you are.
What a gift!’
Erin - Pennsylvania 

‘The guided meditations are excellent and and very effective. I can feel a transmission of deep presence and heart centeredness in them and John seems to know exactly what to say, and when to say it, to draw you in to a deep meditative state. There is food for life in this course’ 
Richard - Sweden

‘What a beautiful course. Thank you from my lovely heart to yours.
Your voice, your guidance, your thoughtful responses are all amazing.’
Kate - Denver

‘This course is filled with so many heartfelt ideas that I want to gently introduce into my daily life.’
Linda - Illinois 

The Spiritual Problem Behind Extreme Thoughts & Actions

Dear friends

I made a videoblog looking at the spiritual implications and factors behind recent extreme events. I reflect on the murder of British MP Jo Cox by a terrorist, and how our media create the atmosphere for radicalisation, for their own profit and gain.

What can we really do about this? What is the practical spiritual answer? 
For it is a uniquely spiritual problem, and the answer can only be spiritual.

When we kill for our beliefs, our beliefs are wrong. Instead of grandiosely defending these things which we feel so strongly about, come home to consciousness, not clinging more tightly to the conditioned mind, the strong feelings which are triggered by these thoughts. Only true consciousness and love are unconditional, that's who we are under all this terror and noise.