Don't Wear It On Your Head

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Don't Wear It On Your Head

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John’s bestselling and greatly loved book for children of every age (even adults who can feel their inner child).
Shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Award, 'Don't Wear It On Your Head' is a celebration of the good stuff: who we are, love, gossip, our senses and cheese.


Fold yourself the mind you want.
Make a paper hat
and wear it on your head. Hold it tight
when the wind blows.

Paint yourself the heart you desire. Pin it
on your jumper, be proud of your colours.
Pin it fast and don't mind the rain.

Write yourself the love you love. Hold that
paper tight in your hand. Unfold it often,
read your plan aloud in sun and in snow.

Walk yourself the world you want. Each step
is breath. It's your life. Stamp big-footed.
Walk soft. Dance your way in all the weathers.

© John Siddique 2010


'John Siddique's poems blast off the page into real life or they can melt as gently as a snowflake on your tongue.'

'The subtitle of this book is ‘Poems for Young People’. Make that young people of all ages, any person whose mind is open to a different view. This is a book which biffs you round the ear one moment and takes your breath away the next. There are poems here to challenge and poems to make the reader laugh out loud.'  - Fiona Waters

'A brilliant stimulus for writing and discussion with children.'  - Robin Halls - Headteacher at Barming Primary