Four Fathers

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Four Fathers

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Four Fathers is a hugely impactful and meaningful collection of stories and memoir on fatherhood and being a son, by four of Britain’s most talented writers: Ray French, James Nash, Tom Palmer, and John Siddique.


Before my father was mine, before he was headless through my mother’s shaky use of the viewfinder, he was just Mohammed Siddique. Named, like so many after the Prophet, his surname meaning friend. His name showed him to be of middle class roots, a trading family, carpet merchants with a stall of bright rugs for sale.  I haven’t got that photo. I have been through all my albums and boxes where things like that live, I guess it must be at the back of my mum’s drawer, where she stuffs things away. I have so few photos of either of them. My dad had a Polaroid camera, the film stock of the day has not survived that well. He drove a Morris Minor, black of course. This is when this story is set, when Morris Minors were black, before I was the firstborn, before his car aspirations grew to a black finned Zodiac, and before their solution to loneliness – marriage – turned my parents into who they were to become.

© John Siddique 2007


'A fascinating double-take on the experience of being fathered and then becoming a father yourself - eight short tales full of wit, pathos and insight.' - Blake Morrison

This collection of meditations on the nature of fatherhood by writers unafraid to explore their true emotions is a must-read for anyone interested in the strange mysteries of the human heart.' Joolz Denby

'Brilliantly written and incredibly moving.'The Western Mail

'John Siddique's writing brims with verve, depth and pathos.' The Big Issue