Authentic Living is...

being free to be truly yourself, living your life without masks, while being powerful, responsive, and centred in grace in every situation you find yourself in.

This freedom is in everyone’s heart, it is not an add on, an act of will, it is not an attainment to be achieved, or a 'spiritual' lifestyle you can adopt. Sadly very few people allow themselves to embrace their natural wholeness and inheritance. We strive to live from ideas and beliefs, which have their roots in the familial, cultural, and societal programming we've experienced over the course of our lives. We unquestioningly come to believe these things are who we are, and live in separation from the source of life and each other, this is the root of personal and global suffering. The good news is that, no matter who you are, or what your story is, it is profoundly and nourishingly simple to start living your authentic life here and now.

You may have found yourself asking some of these questions of life:

  • How can I live my life more authentically and effectively?
  • How can I find myself again? 
  • Are real lasting freedom and peace possible?
  • Can I love myself and others without ego?
  • Is it possible to be authentic and more productive in the workplace or boardroom?
  • How can I integrate and be free of old emotional patterns which no longer serve me? 
  • How can I live my highest truth in the world as it is? 
  • Who Am I?

Authentic Living is about working with simple, human, tools so that we begin live from our true centres, and then moving outwards in the world from there. Using meditation, emotional integration, and meeting with others in the spirit of real truth, life becomes ours again.

This space, as well as our retreats, classes, satsangs, and teachings, exist to be a sanctuary to encourage and support anyone wishing to live more authentically by awakening to their beauty, presence, truth and grace through self realization.



Meditation is the most natural human way of working. It allows you to directly experience life with presence, your true consciousness behind the mind and emotions, which is the basis of your being. Direct experience of who you really are is the most healing and liberating experience, and is achievable by everyone.

Regularly practicing with others offers great benefits in terms of both support and going deeper into your life, as well as learning the basics of how to meditate in a safe and caring environment. See the schedule for the latest dates for our classes. 


Self Care

Entering into a genuinely truthful and loving relationship with yourself is vitally important, both for your own wellbeing, and for everyone in your life and beyond. We all need to frame our lives in this way, so that we are not just papering over the cracks in our lives, but flourishing though love and by taking full responsibility for ourselves. This is why practical, emotional, and spiritual self care is one of the fundamentals of Authentic Living work.


Emotional Integration

As we grow through life programming is overlaid on top of our consciousness, so that we identify with those values and ideas. These form a basis for reacting to the world from those 'given' points of view, which in turn creates the world we live in. The world generally operates from a blame, shame, or victor perspective, which leads to every social ill imaginable, and leaves us looking for freedom and love outside of ourselves. Emotional Integration is the process of coming into a genuinely loving relationship with yourself, to allow you to live with presence from within, and to be able to respond in truth to the world.


Satsang means to gather together in the love of truth. We don’t really have a word for this in English. When we do come together in this way, something amazing happens as the supportive environment of being with another, or others, lifts us effortlessly towards our goal.


Coming together for a period of time in ideal circumstances, while immersing ourselves and absorbing the spirit of truth, is one of the very best ways to grow and develop. We open up to who we really are, while building a loving relationship with ourselves. We also get to share and explore our state of presence with others, who are also desiring to live in accord with their highest truth.

Time on retreat allows us to go deeper into life using the tools of guided meditation, self care, discussion, journaling and sharing space; benefiting anyone who is sincerely enquiring into what it means to live a more meaningful existence.

Our retreats are open to anyone from any background, who has a sincere desire for greater freedom by living from the light of their highest self. (See schedule for latest dates)


What's The Catch? What Do I Have To Give Up?
Authentic Living is not about telling you how you should live, or convincing you of anything. It's about discovering what is possible for you through simple tried and tested means, so that you live and move responsively from the real centre of your life.