Working 'one to one' is a profoundly effective way
of helping you connect with your authentic life.


In these sessions, we will explore your desire to live more fully, and the truth as it is revealing itself to you, and together we will develop holistic, self-caring, personalised tools, so that you can experience the fullness and innate truth of your life as you awaken to your highest potential.  

Explore and Live Your Spiritual Life
Guidance Around Awakening Experiences & Self Realisation
Holistic Self-Care Practices
Improving Relationships
Working With Grief, Illness & Loss
Healing Emotional Wounds
Overcoming Addiction: Codependency, Alcohol, Porn Etc
Wealth, Abundance, & Money Issues
Reduce Stress
Discover & Live Your Life’s Purpose

Sessions can be held in person or on Skype, Whatsapp, or by phone. 
Get in touch to enquire about availability and pricing using the contact page of this site.