Conscious BUSINESS

‘There’s nothing touchy-feely about increased profits. This is a tough economy… Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.’
Arianna Huffington 

The greatest blockages to success and creativity in business are that most people are not as present as they would like to be in their own lives. We see work and life as a series of pressures, so that we often live without much awareness of how to genuinely lead our businesses, employ management in the most meaningful way, and deliver the work in a way that reflects the values of your enterprise.

Over the last five years I have been working with investors and businesses to help them understand how they can more proactive in what they do, while being clear about where it is they are heading, and where they want to be heading. This can only be achieved in any meaningful through authenticity, clarity, and care, while understanding the different component parts of your business and how they can work together better to realise your vision.

The need for businesses to be a more than just a money machine has never been more important, being successful while being a resource and being of service to the greater ecology of life on our planet is essential. As your business grows in its authenticity and presence in the world, we can help you shape what you do so that you both thrive and are of real service to the world around you.

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