Guidance, teachings, meditation, retreats, private clients, transformation, community

John’s mission is to guide and inspire the individual
to recognise and understand their true nature and beauty
through direct insight and self-realisation.

‘True insight to light your way on the path to an authentic life.’
Jen - USA

‘A transmission of deep presence and heart-centeredness. John seems to know exactly what to say
and when to say it, to draw you in to a deep meditative state.’ 
Richard - Sweden

‘I’ve been meditating for 10 years and have come across a number of teachers on my path.
John’s teachings are special, focusing on the inner space that needs to expand and take its place in our lives.’
Marianne - Norway

‘So full of humble wisdom. Every word spoken resonated with my heart on a profound level,
like something I already deeply understood but was fragmented and confused,
John gathered it all together in a beautifully eloquent, present and human way, full of love.’
Emily - United Kingdom

‘I will carry your teachings with me in the basket of things that really matter to me.’
Larry - USA

‘All I want of you men and women
is that you shall achieve your own beauty
as the flowers do.’
— D.H. Lawrence