Self-Acceptance Through Authenticity

An online course to engage your heart, so that you live from the centre of your life by lovingly coming home to your greater wisdom, authenticity, intelligence and awareness.

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‘If I could give 100 stars I would. This course will slowly and lovingly change your life.’

Melissa - California

What You Will Learn

Over the these ten sessions, I want to share with you the most effective meditation practices I know to help you access the transformative power of your innate awareness so that you begin to meet yourself with kindness and presence, rather than a struggle. This course is not about adding more information to your mix or trying to convince you of anything, it is about the real and meaningful movement towards your sense of wholeness and well-being.

You will begin by meeting your own heart in a tangible way, bringing in the heart’s great power is the key to change. You will quickly start to move towards your own authentic centre, transcending old fears, self-criticism and judgement for the greater joy that is, and always has been, who you really are. 

You will discover how to move beyond the unconscious patterns that have so often caught you in the past, and that by committing to the practice of returning to awareness, you will find that your sense of self-acceptance, your ability to respond to whatever life is presenting you with, and your sense of living your truest life will genuinely begin to deepen and take hold, benefiting yourself and the world with the gift of your authenticity.

Some Review Comments:

‘If I could give 100 stars I would.
This course will slowly and lovingly change your life.’
Melissa - California 

‘I will carry your teachings with me in the basket of things that really matter to me.’
Larry - Oregon

‘This course is a great sandblasting of the awareness and a siren to be true to who you are.
What a gift!’
Erin - Pennsylvania 

‘The guided meditations are excellent and and very effective. I can feel a transmission of deep presence and heart-centeredness in them and John seems to know exactly what to say, and when to say it, to draw you in to a deep meditative state. There is food for life in this course’ 
Richard - Sweden

‘What a beautiful course. Thank you from my lovely heart to yours. Your voice, your guidance , your thoughtful responses are all amazing.’
Kate - Denver

‘This course is filled with so many heartfelt ideas that I want to gently introduce into my daily life.’
Linda - Illinois

‘Through no nonsense easy to grasp talks, John dives down straight to the core, to the very essence.’
Jeroen - Belgium

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